Announcing Project 366: Day 1

Mikell here! So to start off 2016 I’m going to do one of those generic project 365 photo challenges that everyone sees on Instagram and thinks hey you know what group probably has no interest in seeing this?  “you guys would love to follow along!”

Of course, the challenge is extra hard this year since it’s a leap year. So instead of project 365, this is going to be project 366!

Basically, the goal of this project will be to take a photo a day of something I’m doing, thinking, experiencing, etc.  Then I’ll try to write a bit about it and why I posted it. Those of you who are worried that this will clog up the main page of our site WORRY NOT!! For I have created this separate tab just for this purpose (ah yes I am learning more about ways to make this site bigger go me).  After today you can simply click on the Project 366 tab at the top to see the update everyday of each photo along with a little blurb.  You may also find days where Michael will also post a picture, or makeup for a lack of picture on my part (hey I’m not perfect I might miss a day, let’s be honest).  Today below I will show you what a typical post might look like during the next 366 days!


Day 1: So today I spent over 9 hours going through old junk and cleaning my room. Instead of showing off my whole clean room I just snapped a photo of my desk before booting up a VM. There will always be something comforting about a clean desk…



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