About Us


My name is Michael. I am a writer of stuff.

I recently finished up my undergraduate with a degree in Linguistics and an undeclared minor in creative writing.

I mostly write poetry and fiction. My current project is a fantasy novel/series entitled “The Black Swords,” although I’ve always got at least three different projects burning at all ends. Most recently, I published a story (“Linguapocalypse”) in the Mad Scientist Journal.

I am also one of the mods on the ASOIAF subreddit (I won’t tell you which one, but I’ll give you a hint: we’re all just alts for BryndenBFish anyway).

My favorite things in no particular order are ASOIAF, Kill Bill, that game where you throw marshmallows into peoples’ mouths, John Mayer, The Dark Tower, Steely Dan, and making pasta.

In terms of gaming, I’m involved in a lifelong love affair with the Nintendo Entertainment System. I also used to play minor-league competitive Team Fortress 2, and currently I’m working towards TWO THOUSAND HOURS in Civ 5. The most current console I own is a Wii.

stannis-baratheon head

And I’m Mikell (or VK it changes depending on the mood I’m in) the new guy, a person of things.

I recently finished my undergraduate with a degree in both Political Science and History.

I mostly stalk the web trying to absorb as much information about as many topics as possible, listen to a plethora of podcasts,  watch an unhealthy amount of Netflix, and of course dabble a bit in the world of them things called video games.

I at one point ran a podcast called M&MGameTime, which is now part of the greater Bookshelf Productions family of products.

While my writing experience on the web outside of dank meme reddit comments is limited, I’m hoping this new experience gives me the chance to grow my wings and fly a little bit.

I have a pretty rad setup for streaming and recording myself playing video games but very little know-how when it comes to producing that content, hence why I’m here! We’re going to learn about all this together.

I am a Star Wars fanboy

I converted myself mostly over to being a PC gamer, however the Halo series tugs at my heart too greatly to let me part from leaving consoles behind completely


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