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Death of a Desktop: My Computer and I

It’s been a while since I built a computer. Quite a while, in fact. I built my desktop back in December 2011, a few days after getting my wisdom teeth taken out. As I recall, I built the computer specifically to play Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Minecraft, and Skyrim. My plucky little laptops just couldn’t handle it anymore. I burned through maybe three laptops in high school/early college; I needed something that was going to not shrivel up and die when I tried to make it show me neat moving pictures.



Hot Link Sunday: Day Late Edition

Michael’s Hot Frey Pies of ASOIAF News

Big week for /r/asoiaf and the ASOIAF/GOT fandom in general!


Announcing Project 366: Day 1

Mikell here! So to start off 2016 I’m going to do one of those generic project 365 photo challenges that everyone sees on Instagram and thinks hey you know what group probably has no interest in seeing this?  “you guys would love to follow along!”

Of course, the challenge is extra hard this year since it’s a leap year. So instead of project 365, this is going to be project 366!

Basically, the goal of this project will be to take a photo a day of something I’m doing, thinking, experiencing, etc.  Then I’ll try to write a bit about it and why I posted it. Those of you who are worried that this will clog up the main page of our site WORRY NOT!! For I have created this separate tab just for this purpose (ah yes I am learning more about ways to make this site bigger go me).  After today you can simply click on the Project 366 tab at the top to see the update everyday of each photo along with a little blurb.  You may also find days where Michael will also post a picture, or makeup for a lack of picture on my part (hey I’m not perfect I might miss a day, let’s be honest).  Today below I will show you what a typical post might look like during the next 366 days!


Day 1: So today I spent over 9 hours going through old junk and cleaning my room. Instead of showing off my whole clean room I just snapped a photo of my desk before booting up a VM. There will always be something comforting about a clean desk…


End of the Year Wrap Up: A New Leaf

Bookshelf Productions is still in its infancy, but it’s already the end of 2015. Some readers might wonder: where are the year-end best-ofs? You know, the “game of the year,” “best ASOIAF moment of the year,” or “best dressed Star Wars character of the year” articles. Those kind. Where are they? WHERE?

Michael here, the one from the URL for this blog (I’ll fix that someday, I promise). I started this blog in late fall of 2014 mostly just to post some poetry that I was working on for a class. Since then, I’ve used it for all sorts of things – I wrote an essay about high school start times, talked about finishing the first draft of my novel (update: STILL DRAFTING. WRITING IS HARD), and, of course, wrote a bunch of stuff about A Song of Ice and Fire. Far and way, with ~13,000 views and growing, the biggest post this year was High Tide: The Rise and Fall of House Velaryon. Why? I have no idea.

But you can take a stroll down the archives on your own time(and we will make sure they are organized and kept up to date as best as possible). As we were saying – it’s the end of the year, and “best of” posts are sprouting like weeds. We can’t quite deliver on all those best-ofs up top (“best-dressed star wars character of the year” is anyone who was wearing Poe’s jacket at any point, though). However, we’d really like to see what YOU thought about the past year. What was the nerdy highlight for you? The best game? The best movie? Presidential Duel? Sudoku app for Android? Honestly, best/worst anything out there – tell us about it!

Over the next few days, we’re looking forward to having some sweet convos with you lovely people reading this, reminiscing on 2015 and the highlights (star wars) and lowlights (the dorne storyline in GOT s5).

So hey – from Michael, thanks everyone for reading my stuff and talking with me about it. VK and I are stoked about turning over a new leaf as we bring Bookshelf Productions into 2016.

Introducing Bookshelf Productions!


Some of you young folks might remember a little thing called Bookshelf Studios. This was my (MM’s) YouTube channel back in the day, when Minecraft LPs were all the rage and kids were wearing bell-bottom jeans and putting yellow onions on their belts. VK: Wait, so you’re telling me the 200 hour Minecraft LP I just made isn’t all the rage anymore?? Sigh…

Some of you OTHER folks might remember M&M Game Time, the wildly successful NYT-ranked-bestselling (I even heard people calling it “better than Serial”)* podcast that my pal Mikell VK and I ran together. The podcast has been radio silent for a while now, as we both got busy with real life stuff.

* this is a lie

But we have missed the public eye, the media circus, the spectacle. Also we play a lot of video games and stuff. So we’re resurrecting/restructuring M&MGT as part of the larger umbrella of Bookshelf Productions! Why keep the Bookshelf name, I hear you cry? Great question!  It’s simple: everything we plan on talking about could theoretically reside on a Bookshelf at some point in its life. Our job it to take it off that shelf, whether it be the latest video game, the newest book, the latest movie, or, in the future, the latest holographic video experience.


Líf Mitt – an update

The title means “my life” in Icelandic because I am a jerk.

I haven’t written much of anything lately, for a number of good-but-not-good-enough reasons. My girlfriend and I are preparing to move into a new apartment, which takes time. Apparently. We also went to Iceland for a week (blog post on that coming, for sure). And I do work 9-5 (but really 8-6).

But there is stuff in the pipe. I’ve been working on the second draft of my novel (natch); I feel like there is a real end in sight for it. The subplots are being laid like pipework through the story, and I have only one major character rewrite left before I have a New and Improved book in my hot little hands. Blog post on that coming too, I guess? Now I’m just adding to my workload. Jiminy.

There’s also, well, blog posts in the works. I have this big ol’ project on the Iron Islands; I set it aside a few weeks ago to focus on life stuff, but it’s still fermenting. ASOIAF stuff still fascinates me, so I won’t stop writing about it. Not yet.

Just a little update. I know it’s been a hefy amount of time since I posted anything at all on the ol’ WordPress; there will be more to come. Once I get settled into the new apartment, my life should calm down a little. Heck, maybe I’ll do a blog post on the new apartment!

Somebody, stop me.