The Black Swords

Where Is My Book

I don’t use this blog much anymore, and I know there’s maybe four people out there who will read this blog post about my everlasting struggle to write A Book.

Here’s where the book is currently.



Beginnings Suck: A Look Back At Drafts

Beginnings are the worst.

I just finished up the latest (fourth? fifth?) draft of my fantasy novel. It’s starting to look like a book now. Like something that someone could actually read and enjoy. So I thought it would be fun to look back at all the various ways I’ve started this story.


Renoa: The First Complete Arc

This is going to be another rambly post about THE SONG OF STEEL, that fantasy thing I’m writing. As I said in my last post: I am over 100,00 words, and closing in rapidly on the end of the story. The story is told from the perspective of five different characters. Which means I have five storylines to bring to an end, five character arcs to resolve. I’d kind of like to make a post for each character’s final chapter but that’s just because I like to avoid doing real work.


Cutting Oroia: coping with cutting a character

A while ago, I posted on my now-old WIX site that I was 80,000 words deep into a fantasy series I’m calling “The Black Swords.” Since then, I got up to 89,000 words. Now I am at 77,000.

How did this happen? What butchery did I commit? I cut a character’s chapters.