Fantastic Transmissions

Fantastic Transmissions is a podcast reviewing and discussing the the greatest – and weirdest! – SFF stories ever told.

The goal of the podcast is to highlight some lesser-known stories and voices, while also analyzing some classic tales in a new light.

I make no money off Fantastic Transmissions, and likely never will. It is a non-commercial project.

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All transcripts and links are posted here on Off The Bookshelf.

Season One

Episode 1 – It’s A Good Life by Jerome Bixby

Episode 2 – Quest of the Starstone by C. L. Moore

Episode 3 – Daughters of Khaton by Merril Mushroom

Episode 4 – Aye, and Gomorrah… by Samuel Delany

Episode 5 – Walk Like a Mountain by Manly Wade Wellman

Episode 6 – Farmer Giles of Ham by J R. R. Tolkien

Episode 7 – Bloodchild by Octavia Butler

Episode 8 – Grass Dancer by Owl Goingback

Season Two

Episode 1 – The Whimper of Whipped Dogs by Harlan Ellison