Other Projects

Maester Monthly

As a moderator on the /r/asoiaf subreddit, I am also one of the three co-hosts of MAESTER MONTHLY, a psuedo-monthly podcast. MAESTER MONTHLY can be found on wordpress, YouTube, iTunes, Google Play, Stitchr, and probably other places – who knows. I recommend checking out the YouTube channel – our editor, AdmiralKird, goes to great lengths to create incredible visual effects that are way better than we deserve.





Bookshelf Studios

Way back in high school, I started up a YouTube channel to make let’s play videos. My first efforts were disastrous, my latest efforts only slightly better. For a long time, I stopped using the channel altogether. However, I’ve recently started writing and shooting very stupid skits, mostly recipe videos. For the time being, those have found a home on the Bookshelf Studios channel. If you really want to experience high school (and college) Michael, then by all means check out the endless supply of incomplete let’s plays. I will not take them down. Taking them down is surrendering. I will leave them up for future generations to behold my folly.