Reddit Posts

This is an archive of my best (and “best”) reddit posts, particularly those from /r/asoiaf. I might sort them in chronological order, who knows.

ASOIAF Essays in General

The Wounded King of Winterfell – 3/17/2017. Medium post about the Fisher King archetype and Stannis Baratheon.

Ripples in the Dreamscape: GRRM Shows His Hand – 6/1/2016. Short post about the way the Red Wedding (and other atrocities) create ripples in the metaphysical cognisphere. Expanded on in the Echoes of the Red Wedding post on this blog.

Sansa and Fan Expectations: Clearing Up Misconceptions – 8/31/2015. Longer post about how Sansa will never pick up a weapon in ASOIAF; her badassery has little to do with martial prowess.

Nailed to the Floor: Ashara Dayne – 7/1/2015. Short post theorizing that Ashara was complicit in the abduction of Lyanna Stark, and may have been a buddy of Rhaegar Targaryen.

Black And (Snow) White: Jon’s 100% Good Ideas – 7/17/17. Short post griping about the fact that Jon Snow is, on the TV show, presented constantly as the only one who has good ideas.

Lady Stoneheart and the Rape-Revenge Story Trope – 6/9/13. Short post, nothing much to write home about, only notable because it was (I think) my first effortpost on /r/asoiaf.

Outfoxed: The Walder Frey Story – 1/25/18. Medium post theorizing that Big Walder will become the only surviving male Frey in Winterfell, and the de facto leader of the Frey forces.

“Armored in ice” – The Dream of the Perfect Enemy – 2/9/16. Meh post about how Dany longs for a foe who she can feel no moral compunctions about massacring.

What’s in a line: “scratch the sky with branches brown and bare” – 4/4/16. Short post about particular wording in a Brienne chapter.

Which Isle? – 3/30/2016. Medium post about Witch Isle, a mysterious location off the coast of the Vale. Includes some meta-detective work on the Lands of Ice and Fire!

BBQ Babyback Ribs with a side of Extra Spicy King’s Blood– 12/15/16. On why sending Mance Jr. away from the Wall might not have actually mattered – he doesn’t have the Extra Spicy Valyrian Blood Mel so greatly desires.

Why Hardhome? The Others’ Campaign – 8/8/14. A post suggesting that the Others are eliminating any known caches of obsidian in the Lands Beyond the Wall.

Three Roses in Oldtown and the Path to Highgarden – 12/8/16. Connecting the dots with some Tyrell family members in Oldtown, and what that could mean for the impending Sack of Oldtown.

Who Beat up the Crannogman? – 8/7/15. Short post laying out the heraldry of the squires who beat up Howland Reed at the Tourney at Harrenhal.

Sparrows, The Faith Militant, and religious warfare – 8/11/12. Actually my earliest effortpost, I believe, contrary to what I wrote up there. Short post on the FM.

Children at Play – Bookending the Feast for Dragons – 4/26/18. Medium post on how images of children playing open and close Feast and Dance, and the melancholy that invites.

Book of Flaming Swords: An Elegy to what could have been – 10/8/17. Longish post on how SERNS of the DERGON should’ve been a novella-ized version of the Battle of Ice instead.

Parallels between Westerosi history and the Irish mythological invasion cycle – 10/18/12. Effortpost on the Irish invasions and the Westerosi immigrants.

Chapter Reviews and Discussions

I’ve done a few posts in a planned series (we’ll see if I ever finish it) of looking at the “best” and “worst” chapters in ASOIAF, as measured by the Tower of the Hand fan surveys. Here are those reviews.

The chapter rankings from TOTH.

10th Best: “I did warn you not to trust me,” Eddard XIV AGOT

10th Worst: “The Pale Mare,” Dany V ADWD

9th Worst: “Be Not Afraid,” Brienne I AFFC.

9th Best: “Only Cat,” Sansa VII ASOS.

8th Best: “Dracarys,” Dany III ASOS

8th Worst: “Just a woman,” Dany VII ADWD

7th Best: “The wine ran purple,” Tyrion VIII ASOS

ASOIAF Essay Tourney Entries

In late 2016, /r/asoiaf ran an essay tourney, which I participated in (and made it to the finals – props as always to /u/guildensterncrantz for coming out on top!) These are the essays I wrote for that tourney.

Qualifiers: “I Want Them All Dead” – The Battle for the Soul of Catelyn Stark. Essay about how Cat constantly represses her desires to get violent revenge on the men who have wronged her…and why that violent revenge is gonna come out in Stoneheart.

Quarterfinals: “Never Truly Dark” – The Unwavering Flame of Melisandre’s Faith. Essay about Mel’s hubris in her belief that she is never wrong – and how that’s going to bite her in the ass one day.

Semifinals: If At First You Don’t Succeed, Tyrell Again. Essay arguing that Olenna Tyrell is the best parent – or grandparent – in Westeros.

Finals: The Princess That Was Promised. Essay arguing that Dany is Azor Ahai. Be sure to expand the whole thread and read guildy’s winning essay!