Where Is My Book

I don’t use this blog much anymore, and I know there’s maybe four people out there who will read this blog post about my everlasting struggle to write A Book.

Here’s where the book is currently.



Beginnings Suck: A Look Back At Drafts

Beginnings are the worst.

I just finished up the latest (fourth? fifth?) draft of my fantasy novel. It’s starting to look like a book now. Like something that someone could actually read and enjoy. So I thought it would be fun to look back at all the various ways I’ve started this story.


Book Review: The Rosie Project


I actually read a book.  This is my first book review type thingy or whatever! So bear with me as I get a proper footing for talking about feelings, thoughts, and such in a non-video game/technology related manner (since that’s more my specialty).  Look, I’ll be honest, I love to read; in fact, my job mostly consists of reading.  However, when you read as part of a job all day, you rarely take the time to sit down a read a book ‘for fun’ like I did back between semesters.  Of course I’ll point out that Game of Thrones literature is an exception to this general rule.


Líf Mitt – an update

The title means “my life” in Icelandic because I am a jerk.

I haven’t written much of anything lately, for a number of good-but-not-good-enough reasons. My girlfriend and I are preparing to move into a new apartment, which takes time. Apparently. We also went to Iceland for a week (blog post on that coming, for sure). And I do work 9-5 (but really 8-6).

But there is stuff in the pipe. I’ve been working on the second draft of my novel (natch); I feel like there is a real end in sight for it. The subplots are being laid like pipework through the story, and I have only one major character rewrite left before I have a New and Improved book in my hot little hands. Blog post on that coming too, I guess? Now I’m just adding to my workload. Jiminy.

There’s also, well, blog posts in the works. I have this big ol’ project on the Iron Islands; I set it aside a few weeks ago to focus on life stuff, but it’s still fermenting. ASOIAF stuff still fascinates me, so I won’t stop writing about it. Not yet.

Just a little update. I know it’s been a hefy amount of time since I posted anything at all on the ol’ WordPress; there will be more to come. Once I get settled into the new apartment, my life should calm down a little. Heck, maybe I’ll do a blog post on the new apartment!

Somebody, stop me.