Where Is My Book

I don’t use this blog much anymore, and I know there’s maybe four people out there who will read this blog post about my everlasting struggle to write A Book.

Here’s where the book is currently.



how 2 write really good

The question I get asked most frequently is “who are you, and what are you doing in my basement?” But a close second is “how 2 write really good?” Let me answer that.

No but really – I’ve been thinking a lot about my writing process, because it’s something that’s grown out of me so slowly and silently that I hardly noticed it happening. But I know 14-year-old me would KILL to have some advice on how to organize ideas and things like that. So I’m going to walk you through How I Write a Story.


Beginnings Suck: A Look Back At Drafts

Beginnings are the worst.

I just finished up the latest (fourth? fifth?) draft of my fantasy novel. It’s starting to look like a book now. Like something that someone could actually read and enjoy. So I thought it would be fun to look back at all the various ways I’ve started this story.


son of january by leonid afremov

Hot Link Sunday



To Hot Link Sunday.  A new weekly feature where both Michael and Mikell contribute what they believe are the best things to read from the previous week!  So dive on into these fresh hot links and let us know what you think!

Michael’s ASOIAF Highlights of the Week:

Hey all! I’m a mod on the /r/asoiaf subreddit, so I see a lot of good stuff come through the new queue. Here’s the highlights from the past week (and beyond. Since this is the first edition, I’m including some stuff that really should be in the highlights reel on merit alone).

First off…I’d be remiss to leave out the Best of 2015 awards for /r/asoiaf! The subreddit voted on 10 different categories with a look back at all of 2015. There’s some great stuff in there, whether it’s JoeMagician’s “A Cold Death in the Snow” theory or the insufferably memetic “Dany + Drogo = Tyrion” theory (seriously).

Sticking with reddit, on Jan 25 user jdylopa posted an insightful look into Arya’s story arc entitled “When people call Arya ‘No One,’ they miss the point of her arc.” I gotta say, I agree with jdylopa – Arya hasn’t lost her Stark-ness. Far from it.

Next up on reddit, we have a summary post from YezenIRL explaining his massive blog post series “The Weirwood Leviathan.” There are ASOIAF fans and there are ASOIAF fans, and YezenIRL is the latter. Is the writeup nutty in places? Absolutely. Does it make occasional, chilling sense? You betcha.

Moving beyond reddit, let’s also move beyond the limit of 1 week to give a shout-out to BryndenBFish’s Complete Notablog ASOIAF Resource. Here’s what this lunatic did – he went through the entire history of GRRM’s blog and compiled every comment and post that pertained to ASOIAF. Then he sorted them. It’s immensely useful and took immense effort, so check it out!

For those looking to re-read ASOIAF, look no further than the new “A FEAST WITH DRAGONS” combined reading order for Book 4 and 5. There are some great combined orders that already exist (see All Leather Must be Boiled), but this one’s got some great new tweaks and was made by a team of hardworking nerds in the internet factory!

Finally, everyone should go check out tumblr user PoorQuentyn’s “A Defense of Tyrion’s ADWD Storyline,” which just wrapped up this week but has been going for months. It’s a wonderfully-written, incisive, and altogether critical analysis of what’s going on in Tyrion’s chapters in book 5.



VK will begin his contribution to the Hot Link Sunday Feature.  He’s been hard at work at his other two jobs so that has kept him away from the site recently but don’t you fret his return is on the horizon!!  His focus will mainly go into technology and gaming news, along with any opinion pieces he sees.

Writing and Editing: A Video of You Dancing Horribly

I’ve been thining about editing a lot lately. Maybe that’s because I’m STILL EDITING MY MASSIVE FANTASY NOVEL OH RIGHT. After finishing this keystone chapter the other day (took me 6 weeks to get 2000 words done), I’ve written an additional 8000 words(!) and edited the everliving bumpus out of my chapters.



Game of Thrones Season 5: Adapting our Predictions

The new trailer for Game of Thrones season 5 has leaked following the IMAX release of S04E09 and S04E10, and boy howdy has the discussion hit all new highs and lows. I’m not going to talk specifically about the trailer; that speaks for itself, I think, and there are plenty of other people doing that. I am going to talk about what I think is going to be in season 5, and what I think is not. I will also get off topic. Fair warning.

(Feels obvious, but I should say: this is all my opinion, feel free to disagree. Now that I’ve said that once, I don’t have to put it before every single sentence in the piece).